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This site provides wine information and resources to help you enjoy all the different types of wine available: There's more than just Cabernet and Chardonnay!

Enjoying wine provides real health benefits (in moderation, of course) and can also provide a fun motif for accessorizing and decorating your home.

  • Drinking wine with food (often referred to as "food pairing") can enhance the flavor and enjoyment of the meal,
  • Sharing wine with friends, whether as part of a good meal or at a wine tasting party, can add to the social interaction,
  • Red wines in particular have several health benefits,
  • There is such an enormous variety of types of wine, and such a rich history and science of winemaking, that there is always more to experience and to learn about wine,
  • Through visiting wine regions and touring wineries, you can experience some of the most beautiful and fascinating regions in the world, while at the same time learning about their culture, history and geography through their wine.
  • Creative decor can extend all these benefits of enjoying wine to enhance the decor of your living areas.

Please explore our site and come back often as we continue to add new wine information and related resources. Here you can gain basic wine knowledge if you are a beginner, get helpful tips on selecting wine, storing wine, and serving wine, and find wine accessories, wine-themed decor, wine recipes and food wine pairing suggestions, and get ideas for wine gifts for that special wine lover.