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by Jim

Merlot grapes for winemaking

Merlot grapes for winemaking

Is it possible to purchase a home brew kit directly from a vineyard in the Carneros Valley, Napa, or Sonoma areas?
I brew home wines, and I mostly purchase California connoisseur from a local importer (Brewuk company). I live in England, GB/UK.

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Sep 12, 2019
California wine brew kits
by: Joanna

There are a number of excellent California wine making kits, but I don't know how many of them are sold directly by the vineyards to ship internationally.

As you know, home wine making can be a great hobby, and the home brew kits have come such a long way. It used to be that the winemaking experience was limited to people who owned their own vineyard - or at least a few vines they could harvest for grapes. But the kits give anyone the ability to make their own wine at home.

Unfortunately the famous wine grape-growing regions like Napa and Sonoma often are over-subscribed for their grapes - it can be very hard for a hobbyist to get their hands on some directly from the vineyard.

You might want to try making some phone calls or sending emails to some second-tier wineries in regions close by, but maybe not directly in Napa or Sonoma. You might get lucky and find some that have extra grapes.

Good luck, and leave a comment with how it goes!

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